American English Male Voice Over Artist Ron H

Voice details


40s, 50s, 60s, 60s +

American English (Native)

Assured, Authoritative, Corporate, Deep, Gravitas, Warm

American Southern and Texan


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Voice profile

A rich, deep, resonant, warm, powerful and distinctive “basso profundo” voice. Described as authoritative, believable, deep, inspirational, intellectual, trustworthy, approachable, conversational, friendly & knowledgeable. Neutral North American with a timbre similar to Sam Elliott, Morgan Freeman, Mike Rowe, James Earl Jones, Sean Connery, Wil Brimley, Don Lafontaine, Dennis Haysbert, Liev Schreiber & Liam Neeson. An extremely versatile voice that is a perfect match for technology companies, college campuses, business manifestos, corporate, fitness, medical and film narration. Voice style includes narrator, announcer, storyteller, mimicker, guy next door, spokesperson, everyman, professional, confident, alpha male, commanding, tough, upbeat, reverent, warm, corporate, articulate, energetic, educational, natural, casual, animated, enthusiastic, genuine, informative, calming, caring, sincere, laid back, strong, rugged, aggressive, serious, motivational, comforting, sophisticated, classy, high energy, movie trailer, bold, dynamic, smooth, mature, attitude, executive, thoughtful, thought provoking, blue collar, manly, masculine, concerned, reassuring, proud, engaging, booming, funny, amusing, straightforward, soothing, technical, uplifting, attentive, professorial, slow paced, easygoing, soft spoken, gritty, raspy, humorous, persuasive & scientific.

Voice reels

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Regional Accents Demo.mp3


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Experience and equipment

Experience: 16 years

Microphone: Large Diaphragm Condenser Polar Pattern Cardioid Type

Editing software: Reaper and Audacity

Audio equipment: Professional sound quality home studio with Source Connect available.