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20s, 30s, 40s

British English

Assured, Authoritative, Confident, Corporate, Deep, Engaging, Gravitas, Posh, Reassuring, Smooth, Warm, Witty

Neutral/RP BritishCheshire, Cockney, Cornish, Devon, English, standard, Essex, London, Manchester, Oxfordshire,Somerset, South London, West Country, YorkshireUSCalifornian, General American, New York City, Southern American, Texas, Upper-Class


Voice profile

London-based, British actor and voice actor with a deep, warm and articulate neutral RP voice. A professionally trained actor and Oxford educated linguist, I have the perfect tools to take your project to the next level, with that extra little something to make your content stand out from the crowd! CORPORATE, EXPLAINER, E-LEARNING AND NARRATIVE CONTENT Need a voiceover for your corporate explainer? Maybe you have an e-learning module that needs beefing up? My natural baritone is authoritative yet relatable, engaging without being overbearing; ideally suited to getting those key messages across to your target audience, no matter how complex the language. I take time to research each text in detail before committing to file, so you can be assured of a voiceover that is informed and truthful. Happy customers range from high street banks NATWEST and LEUMI UK to international pharmaceuticals such as ASTRAZENECA via exciting start-ups like SALARY FINANCE. Whoever you are, my approach remains the same: FOCUS on the client, UNDERSTAND their business and KNOW their audience. I’m in this to make long term professional relationships, not just a quick buck. “Charles’s ability to take direction, understand the rationale behind approach and tone makes him a pleasure to work with. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him” – Ryan Moore, Producer/ Director, The Outlook Creative Group COMMERCIALS So you’re after a dynamic voice for a commercial? I can help! With years of experience as a professional actor across TV, film and stage – not to mention commercials for big brands such as BURGER KING and ORANGE – I can adapt my voice to suit your needs. Retail, entertainment, public service…I can deliver it straight as an arrow or dial it up to eleven, depending on what’s right for your project. Accents? My range covers most of the UK and a good portion of the US (and if that doesn’t have what you’re looking for, just ask!). If you need a test read I’ll make sure to give you at least two contrasting options so you can be sure to get the voiceover that’s right for your business. “Charles was the perfect fit for our video. We got multiple options both at audition and for the full recording which made the whole process seamless!” - Tim Edgeler, Producer, Digital Triangle Creative VIDEOGAMES, AUDIOBOOKS AND RADIO ---MORTAL SHELL OUT NOW ON PS4/XBOX/PC--- If it’s vibrant, detailed, fully-formed characters you need, look no further. As a stage performer, my work has been acclaimed by The Guardian, The Stage and the Evening Standard, among other publications, and my approach to voice acting is no different: rigorous research, fine-tuning and attention to detail, working with the client every step of the way to deliver a performance that goes above and beyond the demands of the script. I am proud to say I recently voiced two lead characters in the critically acclaimed smash hit videogame MORTAL SHELL for PS4, XBOX and PC and have co-written, recorded and engineered the five part comedy podcast serial STREETS OF LONDON, available now on Spotify and Apple Music. “Fantastic talent and what a pro! Charles really elevated one of the game's key characters to new heights with his talent and acting skills. 10/10 will collaborate again!” — Vitaly Bulgarov, Director, MORTAL SHELL (PS4/XBOX/PC) HIGH END PROFESSIONAL STUDIO My custom-built home studio benefits from sound insulation in the walls and ceiling, with additional acoustic panelling throughout to ensure that sound captured through my British-engineered Sontronics Aria and Audient interface is of the highest possible quality. I run the latest version of Pro Tools with Source Connect for remote directed session if needed. Alternatively I can travel to record within the Greater London area. SWIFT, PROFESSIONAL SERVICE Working to a tight deadline? I can record and deliver an exceptional VO to you within 12-24 hours of commission (subject to script length and availability). ALL quotes include one round of amends within the fee. Further amends subject to additional charge to be negotiated. GET IN TOUCH FOR A TEST READ TODAY!

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Experience and equipment

Experience: 2 years

Microphone: Sontronics Aria, Shure PG-27 USB

Editing software: Pro Tools

Audio equipment: Audient iD14 Interface, Aston Halo Reflection Filter, Aston Pop Shield, Primacoustics London 12 Wall Panelling