Voice details


20s, 30s, 40s

British English

Assured, Authoritative, Confident, Corporate, Deep, Engaging, Gravitas, Posh, Reassuring, Smooth, Warm, Witty

Neutral/RP BritishCheshire, Cockney, Cornish, Devon, English, standard, Essex, London, Manchester, Oxfordshire,Somerset, South London, West Country, YorkshireUSCalifornian, General American, New York City, Southern American, Texas, Upper-Class


Voice profile

I'm a British actor and voiceover with a deep, genuine and versatile soft RP voice, playing age between 25 and 45. I have over three years’ experience as a professional voiceover, working from my home studio here in London. In that time I have amassed numerous professional credits across a range of categories, including corporate, medical, internet explainer, video game and audiobook narration work. In the past year alone I have done work for major brands such as NATWEST, EY GLOBAL, UNESCO and SALARY FINANCE, narrated and voiced multiple characters in the five part comedy podcast serial STREETS OF LONDON, performed in game character work for GEMSLOTS online casino, and starred as two lead characters in the Game Award nominated smash hit MORTAL SHELL for PS5/XBox/PC. My custom built home studio is perfectly equipped for broadcast quality recording, and I can offer a swift and professional turnaround of audio upon commission. I look forward to working with you!

Voice reels



MaximReston_Commercial Reel 2021.mp3


MaximReston_Corporate Reel 2021.mp3


MaximReston_CharacterComedy Reel 2021.mp3


MaximReston_Audiobook-Radio Reel 2021.mp3


MaximReston_Gaming Reel 2021.mp3


MaximReston_Narrative Reel 2021.mp3


Experience and equipment

Experience: 3 years

Microphone: Sontronics Aria, Shure PG-27 USB

Editing software: Pro Tools

Audio equipment: Audient iD14 Interface, Aston Pop Shield, Primacoustics London 12 Wall Panelling