British English Female Voice Over Artist Marina K

Voice details


20s, 30s

British English (Native), British English

Assured, Corporate, Engaging, Friendly, Natural, Smooth, Soft, Warm

Greek, English (RP), English (Greek accent, European accent)


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Voice profile

Marina's voice has featured in radio plays (BBC Radio 4 'The Line' with Toby Jones, BBC Radio 4 'The Maltby Collection'), corporate training ('Shell'), TV ads ('Clean & Clear'), ADRs (BBC 'The Little Drummer Girl', BBC 'Waking the Dead'), and language narration (BBC 'Quickstart Greek', Harper Collins). A confident storyteller, Marina works fluently in both languages having been brought up in Athens to a British-Greek family. When not recording, Marina directs voiceover artists (credits include DHL’s eLearning programme). Previous acting includes BBC’s Waking the Dead, The Tempest, feature films in the Middle East and Greece, as well as seven British and European TV ads. Marina has a parallel career as a freelance Brand Account Director and is the proud mum of two boys.

Voice reels

Greek Reel.mp3


Accented English Reel.mp3


English Reel.mp3


Experience and equipment

Experience: 10 years

Microphone: SE Electronics (Condenser mic)

Editing software: Reaper

Audio equipment: Audient ID14