Polish Male Voice Over Artist Alek P

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Polish (Native), Polish

Assured, Authoritative, Character, Confident, Cool, Deep, Engaging, Natural, Posh, Reassuring, Warm, Witty, Versatile

Polish, Europe


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Alek Pawlikowski is a Polish voice actor. He reads narratives for movies on channels such as NETFLIX, HBO, DISCOVERY, TVN, POLSAT and many more. Alek also reads commercials, books and movie trailers. His voice was used, among others, in the production of advertisements for: AUDI, KOMPUTRONIK, DELL, BIG BROTHER - Polish edition and many others. 28 years of experience gives you powerful support in working with clients online. A versatile voice, liked by listeners for readability, timbre and mood suited to the content read.

Voice reels

main reel.mp3


Experience and equipment

Experience: 28 years

Microphone: Manley Reference CARDIOID

Editing software: Logic X PRO

Audio equipment: Professional voice recording rooms; fiber optic high speed internet; 1Gb/s; mic: Manley reference, Universal Audio Apollo Twin MK II