British English Male Voice Over Artist Dan P

Voice details


20s, 30s, 40s

British English (Native), British English

Assured, Bright, Character, Cheeky, Engaging, Friendly, Natural, Reassuring, Sarcastic, Warm, Versatile

Northern, Geordie, Yorkshire, North East, Scottish, Southern, RP, London


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Voice profile

Dan is a versatile 20/30s Northern British voiceover, with natural ups and downs in my voice adding a great range. You can hear Dan in Asda stores Nationwide, occasionally on Channel 4, The Heist on Sky One, various video games, adverts and corporate videos. Dan is also the voice of stand up comedian Lost Voice Guy. Dan has an incredibly quirky tone, helping my work stand out in a crowed. Dan works from a home studio, available all day, every day, and you can connect to his via all mainstream remote connection services such as ipDTL, Source Connect, Clean Feed, SIP, Skype, Zoom, Telephone etc. Bring your script to life, by getting in touch today!

Voice reels

Commercial Reel 2021.mp3




Character Reel.mp3


Corporate and Narration Reel.mp3


Dry Sample.mp3


Experience and equipment

Experience: 5 years

Microphone: Sennheiser MKH416 & MK4

Editing software: Adobe Audition CC

Audio equipment: SSL 2 Interface and Preamp, Scarlett 2i2, iMac 2017 27", BeyerDynamic DT770, Custom Isolation Booth.


28 May 2021, 20:55

We are verry happy with the VO and the fast response time.