Spanish Male Voice Over Artist Alfonso R

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TEENS, 20s, 30s, 40s

Spanish (Native), British English


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Experienced voice actor with a young, warm and versatile voice with professional recording studio and remote recording capabilities. Netflix voice actor (dubbing) productions include: Derren Brown, Trump, Outside Man, Pottersville. TV promos for MTV, Nickelodeon, Yamaha, 888 Poker. Corporates and e-learning for BMW Museum, MyWoWo App, Napoli in Vespa, The Irish Emigration Museum.

Voice reels

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Experience and equipment

Experience: 12 years

Microphone: Neuman U87, Rode K2

Editing software: Logic X, Amadeus Pro, Adobe Audition

Audio equipment: Studiobricks One Plus sound booth, Avalon M5 preamp, Apogee Duet interface, Mac computers