Canadian English Female Voice Over Artist Felicia M

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TEENS, 20s, 30s, 40s

Canadian English (Native), Italian

Bright, Bubbly, Character, Cheeky, Children, Confident, Cool, Engaging, Friendly, Natural, Sarcastic, Smooth, Warm, Witty, Versatile, Young, Reassuring

American, Canadian


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I bring the fast and intuitive delivery of a live-performer and the skill and range of a classically trained artist to every recording session. I give my clients the most authentic read possible - quickly and always with an awesome attitude! I love story and commercial reads, explainer videos and e-learning as well as character work in video games and animation. I respond quickly, keep communication lines open and help create a project that will rock! I am committed to working together to find the absolute best performance of your script. I give my clients 100% of my energy and draw on 15 years of performance experience to bring your copy to life. I am direct and very easy to work with. I aim to cultivate life-long relationships with my clients - once you find that awesome someone then working together is just the best! This job is awesome and I want to share my passion for the story, excitement, energy and experience with you! You get: * Full time, pro voice talent * Always friendly and flexible * Pro home studio * One full round of retakes and revisions to adjust read or change tone * Live direction via Skype, Zoom, SourceConnect Now, Teams

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Experience and equipment

Experience: 7 years

Microphone: Rode Nt 1

Editing software: Reaper

Audio equipment: SSL2 interface, sound treated studio, Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Headphones