Dutch Male Voice Over Artist Adam T

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Dutch (Native), British English

Assured, Friendly, Warm, Young


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Voice profile

Hi, I'm Adam, a London based voice-over artist with a Dutch and British background. I trained as a film actor in The Netherlands and studied at East 15 Acting School in the UK. I use my drama training to bring your script to life, exactly like you imagined - or better! I am fluent in Dutch and English, and I speak German as well. I have over 10 years of voice-over experience. From audio tours to commercials. The quality of my voice could be described as Warm, Deep, Confident, Youthful and Warm. I do voice-overs for commercials, e-learning, audiobooks, audio tours and IVR's. You can currently hear me in several Dutch audiobooks for example. In addition to Dutch voice-overs, I do voice-overs in 'Neutral' or 'European' English. Perfect if you're looking for a unique accent without the association of background.

Voice reels

Commercial UK.mp3


Commercial Dutch.mp3


Narration UK.mp3


Narration Dutch.mp3


Dry studio read.mp3


Experience and equipment

Experience: 10 years

Microphone: Synco Mic D2, Røde NT1 A

Editing software: Reaper

Audio equipment: Sound proofed box, Audient ID14 Interface