Dutch Male Voice Over Artist Klaas G

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20s, 30s

Dutch (Native)

Authoritative, Corporate, Deep, Engaging, Friendly, Natural


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My name is Klaas and I am a native Dutch male voice-over who records voice-overs for online videos, radio and television commercials, e-learning, IVR, voicemails and corporate films. I first recorded a Dutch voice-over when I was about fifteen years old. It was love at first sight. Since then, I’ve taken about five years to gain experience and get my skills on a professional level. I still enjoy every day when recording voice-overs. I can live from this income and I hope being a Dutch voice talent will continue for many years. The recordings are made in my professional home studio and edited with care and attention. Your files will be delivered the same day. Not quite sure about your choice yet? Request a free (and non-binding) sample right away!

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Experience and equipment

Experience: 7 years

Microphone: RØDE NT-1

Editing software: Adobe Audition, Waves

Audio equipment: RØDE AI-1, high-end studio, Cleanfeed (remote recording)