British English Male Voice Over Artist Robbie S

Voice details


30s, 40s, 50s, 60s +

British English (Native)

Assured, Authoritative, Character, Confident, Corporate, Engaging, Friendly, Posh, Smooth, Soft, Warm, Versatile

RP, Scottish, northern, Yorkshire, Lancashire, Devon, Hampshire, London, Welsh, French, German, Italian, Australian, New Zealand, American N&S,


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Voice profile

A warm and naturally engaging tone with a broad range of accents and characters; whether for TV, radio, computer games, animation or corporate videos here is something for everyone!

Voice reels

Main reel.mp3




Experience and equipment

Experience: 30 years

Microphone: SE2200A

Editing software: ProTools

Audio equipment: Mackie 1202 desk, Focusrite Scarlett interface