Italian Female Voice Over Artist Elisa A

Voice details


20s, 30s, 40s

Italian (Native), American English, British English

Assured, Authoritative, Corporate, Deep, Friendly, Sarcastic, Warm, Versatile


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Voice profile

I’m an International Professional Actress and Voice over talent and I record in Italian and English. I work from my home studio with access to top end professional equipment. My latest credits include brands as Idealo, Nebbia, Lab Rica, Antinori and many more. I am a native Italian and I’m fluent in English, so I work in both Italian and International markets. My voice is mature, deep and warm, my Italian is flowless and I can deliver a well spoken English with Italian accent. I enjoy using my voice in a variety of ways: documentaries, commercials, audio-guides, audio-books, corporate…you name it! I'm looking forward to work with you.

Voice reels

Main Reel.mp3


Basic Studio.mp3


Phone messaging.mp3


Voicereel commercial.mp3


Voicereel English.mp3


Corporate reel.mp3


Narration reel.mp3


Experience and equipment

Experience: 3 years

Microphone: Rode NT1A, RODE NT USB

Editing software: Audacity

Audio equipment: Focusrite Scarlett 3d, Headphones Sony MDR 7506, Studio Sound Proofing,