British English Female Voice Over Artist Lizzie W

Voice details


TEENS, 20s, 30s

British English (Native)

Birmingham, Black Country, Californian, Cockney, Estuary English, Essex, French, Home Counties, Kent, Lancashire, London, Mid-Atlantic, Midlands, New York, Northern England, RP, Scottish, Southern American, Southern England, Stafford, Standard British, Te


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Voice profile

Warm, relaxed and confident, Lizzie is an experienced and versatile Voice Artist from the West Midlands. She has a soft, native Midlands sound and an excellent ear for accents. Lizzie trained at Mountview and has worked extensively for BBC Radio Drama and played Izzy Blake on The Archers for six years. Her experience includes corporate and commercial work, narration and audiobooks. She loves to experiment with character and as an award winning actress she’s perfectly suited to animation and gaming. Lizzie lives in North London with Tawni her tiny terrier.

Voice reels



dry studio read.mp3


Interactive_Game Reel.mp3


Experience and equipment

Experience: 10 years

Microphone: CM25 MKiii

Editing software: Adobe Audition

Audio equipment: Scarlett 2i2, Sound treated space in internal room of home.