American English Female Voice Over Artist Audra P

Voice details


20s, 30s, 40s

American English (Native), Italian

Bright, Friendly, Natural, Warm, Young

American Standard, American Southern, California, New York


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Voice profile

Fun, youthful, natural and real, can also be strong, confident and professional. London-trained, American Voiceover Actor. Fluent in Italian. Great Commercial voice and skilled with Character voices. Typically cast as: friendly & conversational, trusted professional, young mom, savvy entrepreneur, hip social media influencer. Recent clients: Pinewood Studios Group, Interface Hospitality, IHG, Runza, Arches Threading, Audible, Penguin Audio, Hachette Audio.

Voice reels



Experience and equipment

Experience: 6 years

Microphone: AudioTechnica 2020

Editing software: Audacity and GarageBand

Audio equipment: