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20s, 30s, 40s, 50s

American English

Assured, Authoritative, Bright, Cheeky, Confident, Cool, Corporate, Engaging, Friendly, Gravitas, Natural, Reassuring, Sarcastic, Smooth, Soft, Warm, Witty, Versatile

general Midwestern


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If you're looking for an experienced voice acting talent who's fun to work with and easy to direct, with fast turnaround, and a professional home studio, I would love to start a conversation with you! Over and over again, those I work with describe me in at least one of three ways: Friendly, witty, professional. I have always believed in treating people the way I'd like to be treated myself, and that welcoming kindness is noticeable from the start. It's my greatest value of all. I will never compromise on being a professional. At the end of the day, the job needs done correctly, completely, and on time. I cannot express how much pride I take in making sure you feel you can put your trust in me to handle your project in ways that will put you at ease and make you look forward to meeting up again. When joining you on your project, I’ll become the brand. Through understanding its purpose and message, I’ll speak as the expert in your subject, giving your media the believable energy it deserves. Let’s personally connect and resonate with your audience. You'll find that you are much more than an assignment to me, but an actual real human being, and you matter to me!

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Experience and equipment

Experience: 4 years

Microphone: Sennheiser 416mkh

Editing software: Adobe CS6

Audio equipment: Steinberg UR22mkii audio interface, custom panels from GIK Acoustics, Producer's Choice blankets,