British English Female Voice Over Artist Jenni B

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30s, 40s

British English (Native)


Neutral, RP, Hampshire


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Voice profile

Hello! I have over 20 years experience as an actress and voiceover artist. Originally trained as a dancer and singer, my love of words and rhythm combine to give reads a playful, slightly quirky flavour which can be adapted to suit any required tone. If you are looking for a natural, conversational read or something more traditional and corporate I am happy to help. I am excellent at taking direction but also able to self-direct. Previous voice work includes e-learning films, radio adverts, TV and internet commercials, podcasts, audio dramas and animations. Jenni is a member of The Voiceover Network. Clients can connect to my recording studio using Skype, Zoom or Source Connect Now.

Voice reels

Jenni Commercial Reel.mp3


Jenni Narration Reel.mp3


Jenni Corporate Reel.mp3


Jenni_E-Learning _ Dry Studio Read.mp3


Experience and equipment

Experience: 1 year

Microphone: Aston Spirit or Rode NT1-A

Editing software: Audacity

Audio equipment: Audient iD14 interface