Spanish Male Voice Over Artist Didac Rocher R

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Didac Rocher

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20s, 30s, 40s

Spanish (Native), Catalan

Confident, Corporate, Friendly, Natural, Sarcastic, Soft, Warm, Versatile, Young


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Voice profile

I am a professional bilingual Catalan and Spanish voice over talent. I have a versatile, dynamic and youthful voice, and I can also modulate towards warm and convincing tones. I usually put my voice to TV and internet spots, radio spots, elearning, I do character dubbing, institutional, corporate, and all kinds of projects that require a professional voice to communicate ideas. I have worked for brands such as: Deliveroo, Michelin, Orange, Buitoni, Lavazza, Huawei, McAfee. I have my own recording studio that meets the highest quality standards, in order to deliver the work with the highest quality and speed.

Voice reels

Commercial - Didac.mp3


Corporate - Didac.mp3


E-Learning - Didac.mp3


Commercial_Catalan - Didac.mp3


corporate_catalan - Didac.mp3


Experience and equipment

Experience: 6 years

Microphone: AT4040

Editing software: Logic Pro X

Audio equipment: sound card Apogee duet 2, Studiobricks One Plus XXL (a professional soundproofed and acoustically conditioned recording studio for voices)