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I am a professional italian voice actor, storyteller and advertising radio speaker. Born with a strong love for theater and cinema, after training at the well known Dubbing and Music Recording Studios Titania in Rome and having attended courses in diction, acting, transported by the continuously growing passion also extended to photography and radio, i dedicated myself to the complete study of voice in all its possibilities of employment. We are constantly looking for emotions inside us to center the balance between the idea of intonation and sound, to give back that magic that must be created in every ring and take a photo exactly as we imagined it. We observe every detail to be someone else away from us, learning about ourselves more. Some dubbing directors have defined my voice as expressive and versatile. I am the voice of many characters from Netflix Television series, Shell, Comix, Nivea, Travel365, Suva, Hymer, ISD Group, La Biosthétique Paris, Sherlock Holmes videogame, Walther von der Vogelweide Museum, other brands, various audiobooks and university, medical, legal, technology, safety, science, sport E-learning courses. I work with Studios and Agencies for recording of National International Tv Radio Web commercials, movie trailers, dubbing of documentaries (oversound), Tv series, reality show (simil sync), videogames, cartoon characters, You Tube series, audio guides, audiobooks, audio descriptions, applications and podcast. I collaborate with Video Makers for recording of corporate, promotional, motion graphic, explainer videos and short films. My voice is bright, energetic, sensual, warm, enveloping, suitable for dubbing and radio. I also work through my Professional Home Studio with Vocal Booth, i take care of production and post-production. Possibility to add Source Connect, Cleanfeed or Skype session to direct projects.

Voice reels

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Psychology - Medicine - University E-lea....mp3


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Experience and equipment

Experience: 7 years

Microphone: Neumann TLM 103

Editing software: Adobe Audition, Pro Tools, Reaper

Audio equipment: Sound Card Uad Apollo Twin Duo MkII, Headphones Beyerdynamic Dt770 Pro, Monitor Yamaha HS7, Workstations Mac Mini M2 Pro, Mac Book Pro I7