Spanish Male Voice Over Artist Joel V

Voice details


30s, 60s

Spanish (Native), Catalan

Authoritative, Confident, Corporate, Friendly, Natural, Smooth, Warm


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Voice profile

My voice is warm, chairmant, corporate, ellegant… 30 years of experience in media and producers being the voice of several programs on national TV channels in Spain, in addition to voice over for private producers and radio stations in Spain and all around the world. Castillian (Spanish from Spain) and Catalan speaker voice over. Both as a mother tongue. Journalist. (UPF) Great experience in mass media.

Voice reels

Showreel 2022.mp3


Commercial showreel_ES.mp3


Corporate demo reel_ES.mp3


Commercial showreel_CAT.mp3


Corporate reel CAT.mp3


Dry_Studio Demo.mp3


Experience and equipment

Experience: 30 years

Microphone: Brauner Phanthera

Editing software: Protools Studio

Audio equipment: Apple Macintosh Quad Intel i7 Processor, ProTools Studio, Universal Audio Apollo Quad audio interface, iCon Qcon Pro G2 Control surface, Universal Audio LA-610 MkII mic pre-amp, Brauner Phanthera studio microphones, sound booth room.