American English Male Voice Over Artist Authoritative Anthony P

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Authoritative Anthony

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40s, 50s, 60s

American English (Native)

Assured, Authoritative, Confident, Corporate, Deep, Engaging, Friendly, Gravitas, Natural, Reassuring, Smooth, Warm

Southern United States, British (Fairly well)


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Voice profile

As a full-time voice-over talent, Anthony has honed his ability to zone in on and authentically deliver the sturdy and assuring authority we all want to hear. He knows how to bring listeners in and keep them with an inviting might and mindfulness they can learn from and lean on. And with his easily directed, prompt and dependable professionalism, he can confidently promise that you can lean on him for a voice job well done, and quickly turned around. Anthony has voiced hundreds of projects in numerous genres including: Commercial, Corporate Narration, E-Learning, and Movie Trailers. Please watch and listen to his wide-ranging demos and client work. Anthony also has a top of the line home studio for superior audio quality, and can connect with clients via: Source Connect Standard, Skype, phone.

Voice reels

AnthonyP-Main Reel.mp3


AnthonyP-Commercial Reel.mp3


AnthonyP-Narration Reel.mp3


AnthonyP-E Learning Reel.mp3


AnthonyP-Explainer Reel.mp3


AnthonyP-Political Reel.mp3


AnthonyP-Dry Read .mp3


Experience and equipment

Experience: 20 years

Microphone: Neumann TLM 102

Editing software: Adobe Audition

Audio equipment: PreSonus Studio Channel pre-amp, Audient ID-44 Interface