British English Male Voice Over Artist Jake W

Voice details


TEENS, 20s, 30s

British English

Bright, Friendly, Reassuring, Versatile, Young, Assured, Character, Engaging, Natural

London, RP, Cockney, Multicultural London English, Heightened RP, Manchester, Yorkshire, Liverpool, Newcastle, Birmingham, West-country, Scottish, Welsh, Northern Irish, Irish, General American, Italian American, Southern US, Australian, New Zealand


Voice profile

A versatile voice with over six years of professional voiceover experience in a wide range of sectors. Native to London. Great with accents and character voices. Fully equipped with a professional home studio and ability to dial in with clients via Zoom, Skype, Cleanfeed & Microsoft Teams for live directed recording sessions.

Voice reels

Jake - Commercial.mp3


Jake - Corporate + Explainer + IVR E-Learning.mp3


Jake - Drama + Documentary + Narration.mp3


Jake Video Game Character & Accents.mp3


Jake - Dry Home Studio Sample.mp3


Experience and equipment

Experience: 6 years

Microphone: Sennheiser sE2200a II Studio Condenser microphone

Editing software: Twisted Wave

Audio equipment: Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 2nd Gen interface