Japanese Female Voice Over Artist Chizuru O

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TEENS, 20s, 30s

Japanese (Native), American English, Korean

Bright, Corporate, Natural, Soft, Warm


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Hi, thank you for checking out my profile. I’m a professionally trained, voice-over actor born and raised in Japan. My voice is warm, conversational, clear, versatile, friendly, relaxing, natural and trustworthy with the listeners. I would like to make my clients happy with my voice and looking forward to working with you, in and outside of the countries. Please feel free to ask me for a custom demo for your upcoming voice project. 【experience】 ・voice over (Tutorial video, Japanese study video ) ・company PR for job applicants for 7 years 【other skills】 ・Translation/Localization(Korean to Japanese, English to Japanese) ・Speak both Standard Japanese and Kansai dialect Japanese

Voice reels

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Experience and equipment

Experience: 2 years

Microphone: Zoom H4n Pro

Editing software: Audacity

Audio equipment: ​​Aston Halo Shadow