British English Male Voice Over Artist Ash S

Voice details


TEENS, 20s, 30s, 40s

British English (Native)

Assured, Authoritative, Character, Confident, Cool, Corporate, Engaging, Gravitas, Natural, Reassuring, Streetwise

London, southern UK, Liverpool, Midlands, US New York, Standard US


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Voice profile

My voice can be heard regularly on many of Sony PlayStation TV adverts, at the end saying their mnemonic 'For the Players'. I have also voiced Netflix ads, plus radio ads for PDSA (Pets charity) and Renault vans. My default accent is standard southern UK/London, but I can perform a wide range of comedic characters suitable for animation and games which I have a good amount of experience with having previously worked as a senior sound engineer, dialogue coordinator and voice artist at Playstation UK for 8 years. I can also do accents including standard American, New York and some regional UK accents including Liverpudlian, Scottish and Midlands.

Voice reels

Main Reel.mp3


Comedy Characters.mp3


Netflix - The Get Down.mp3


Experience and equipment

Experience: 7 years

Microphone: Rode NT1

Editing software: Pro Tools, Ableton Live 10

Audio equipment: Allen and Heath Zed 22FX, iMac, sound treated booth and studio