German Male Voice Over Artist Claudio A

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30s, 40s, 50s, 60s

German (Native), British English

Assured, Authoritative, Confident, Deep, Engaging, Friendly, Gravitas, Reassuring, Warm

Neutral High-German


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My delivery is warm, friendly and authoritative and the deep tone of my voice is very well suited to productions ranging from corporate, e-learning and voice announcements to television and radio advertising, broadcast television and film. I speak with a neutral High-German accent and my delivery is very articulate and precise. I am a very experienced and reliable voice performer and all my work is always completed to the highest standards.

Voice reels

German Voice Reel.mp3


E-learning Montage.mp3


Corporate Montage.mp3


English accented.mp3


Experience and equipment

Experience: 20 years

Microphone: Sennheiser 416, AKG 414

Editing software: Pro Tools 12

Audio equipment: Pro Tools Quartet I/O, iMac i7 3.4GHz, Adam S3V monitor speakers, VO booth