Australian English Female Voice Over Artist Larissa R

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30s, 40s

Australian English (Native)

Bright, Confident, Friendly, Natural, Warm

English mid-atlantic


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Hi! My name is Larissa and I would love to be the voice of your next project. I’ve been working professionally as a voice artist for the past 15 years and am confident that I can deliver the perfect read for you. With years of experience voicing many top brands, I have developed an innate understanding of each client’s individual needs. “I’ve been working with Larissa as a vocalist remotely for a few years now, she is a true professional,” says Karla Henwood, executive producer at Nylon Studios. “Her ability to understand the brief and deliver high quality work, often to a tight deadline is fantastic.” I am dedicated to delivering high quality audio for my clients and take pride in my standards. The fast-paced nature of my work means I’m well accustomed to deadlines and can turn around a project within a few hours. Having started my voice career singing jingles, I have learned how to use my voice in many different ways, developing a highly attuned ear. My versatility and adaptability contributes to my broad range – from bright and upbeat commercials to smooth, corporate reads. I enjoy a variety in work, including e-learning and explainer videos, corporate, TV Radio and Internet commercials and classic narration. If you have a script ready that needs voicing, look no further. Send it my way!

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Experience and equipment

Experience: 12 years

Microphone: rodes NT1A, Neumann TLM-103

Editing software: Logic Pro

Audio equipment: Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 2nd Gen