How a Professional Voice Over Artist Can Make your YouTube Videos More Attractive

How a Professional Voice Over Artist Can Make your YouTube Videos More Attractive

How a Professional Voice Over Artist Can Make your YouTube Videos More Attractive

Imagine watching a silent commercial or a video game. Voice might not always be a requirement for communicating an idea, but it can certainly make the task more accessible and entertaining. Viewers engage more with sound, while human voices have the unique ability to transmit feelings with more intensity. So, how can voice-over help you make better YouTube videos?

Using Voice-over in YouTube Voice Videos
Videos are considered primarily visual mediums. However, this doesn't mean that they cannot greatly benefit from sound and voice. On the contrary, these can make a significant difference when communicating a message effectively. 

Popular uses of voice-over in YouTube include descriptions and instructions and conveying a particular tone that matches a brand. 

Voice-Over for Explaining Action
One of the most popular types of video voice-over is the one used for describing what's being shown on the screen. For example, it can explain the steps of a procedure and add additional information about it as it develops. 

Audio and visual channels work separately in the brain. When content is presented simultaneously on both (through on-screen images and voice-over), the information can be processed faster and more efficiently. Limiting the description to just what is happening doesn't provide much value. What's important is that the voice-over adds new context or details, improving the storytelling of a video. 

Caption: Videos from the Tasty channel usually go viral, reaching millions of people every day. They frequently use voice-over to explain the steps shown in the fast-paced clips. 

Voice-Over for Creating and Reinforcing Brand Identity
Voice-over can also be used to reinforce brand identity. Many podcasts, radio stations, and YouTube channels have a particular tone running through their material. This voice signature can help create brand loyalty and bring life to videos. 

The right voice can enhance a brand, while the not-so-right one can have the opposite effect. For example, a 2017 Panera Bread commercial featured an incredibly young-sounding voice. This choice ignited a flurry of negative comments on the brand's social media. 

Just like you communicate a certain way with your family, friends, and colleagues, there's also a 'better tone' when talking to customers or viewers. It's essential to always keep your audience demographic in mind - their age, interests, and what they like. 

Caption: Apple’s brand voice conveys confidence, quality and warmth. It’s modern, clever, and carries a level of intimacy. These qualities remain consistent across their voice-overs.

Caption: This Johnnie Walker ad uses a voice that feels personal and appeals to emotion. The script is written from a first-person perspective, and the voice matches both the message and the brand’s heritage image. 

What Makes a YouTube Voice Over Great
The best voice-overs are the ones that can emotionally communicate the content of a video. This is why the most dependable voice-overs on YouTube tend to be clear, concise, and relevant to the narrative. 

Each type of content will have different voice preferences, shaped mainly by the environment in which users watch the videos. For example, gaming videos will tend to have more combative voices, while children's videos will be more playful... and meditation ones more reflective and calm.  

In addition to the tone, an essential characteristic of a good voice-over is the sound quality and volume. It's always better to hire an actor with a professional studio - one that has minimal interference. The result will be better sound - and better engagement. 

Caption: Professional voice-over artists usually have home studios to ensure clean recordings. 

How to Prepare for a Voice Over for YouTube
Most YouTube content creators have a rough idea of what their video should look like before they start shooting. Additionally, if you know you want to add a voice-over to it, it can also be a good starting point to work on a script. This script should take into consideration any corresponding visuals that could go with it. It's always important to align what will be shown with what will be said. This will allow the video to flow better. 

The next step is to pick the right voice-over actor. What's essential for this step is to choose the correct feeling and tone for your brand. Of course, some voices are generally considered sounder (say, for example, Morgan Freeman's or David Attenborough's). However, not all videos need a narration of that calibre. For example, a video about travelling or sports will do better with a more enthusiastic and possibly younger voice. It all comes down to the type of content you want to create. 

You don't need the best actor. You want the one that fits your brand, your story, and the emotions of your audience. 

Choosing the Perfect Voice Over Actor

Adding voice to your videos can help make them more engaging and personal. When used in combination with informative content, voice-overs can support the visuals with additional context and clarifications. They can also create and reinforce identity, enhancing videos with a tone that connects with the audience. 

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