How To Hire A Voice Over Actor With OutSpoken Voices

How To Hire A Voice Over Actor With OutSpoken Voices

How To Hire A Voice Over Actor With OutSpoken Voices


In today's digital age, the demand for voice over actors has surged like never before. The need for compelling and engaging voices is omnipresent, from commercials and video games to podcasts and animated films. However, finding the right voice over talent for your project can be a daunting task. That's where OutSpoken Voices comes in – an online voice over agency that simplifies the process of hiring professional voice artists. We’ve combined a self-managed service, where customers can cast and book voice artists themselves through our website, with a more traditional, managed service, where clients liaise with our agents who manage their voice over projects from start to finish.


In this blog post, we will walk you through the steps to hire a voice over artist using OutSpoken Voices website.


Why Hire a Voice Over Actor?


A professional voice over actor can bring your script to life, making it more engaging and exciting to your target audience. A well-delivered voiceover can convey a brand message effectively. Additionally, a voice over talent has the experience and expertise to deliver your message with the right tone and style.


Lastly, hiring a voice-over actor can free up your time to focus on other essential aspects of your project. You can also rest assured that your recording will be delivered on time, precisely to your brief. Casting a professional doesn’t only save you time, but in many instances, it saves you money, too.


What Do I Need Before I Start My Search?


Before you dive into the selection process, it's crucial to have a clear understanding of your project's requirements. Consider the following questions:


  • What is the project's purpose? The purpose of your project forms its core. Is it a promotional video, an educational tutorial, an animated story, or something entirely different? Each type of recording serves a distinct purpose, and this purpose should guide your choice of a voice-over actor. For instance, a promotional video might require a persuasive and engaging voice, while an educational tutorial may benefit from a straightforward, instructional tone.


  • What is the intended audience? Knowing your target audience is essential. Are you addressing children, teenagers, adults, or seniors? Understanding the demographics and psychographics of your audience can help determine the voice characteristics that will resonate with them. Different age groups and demographics respond differently to voices, so this consideration is pivotal in making your project relatable.


  • What tone and style are you aiming for? The tone and style you desire in your project are like the colours on an artist's palette. Is your project humorous, serious, professional, or emotional? Defining the tone and style lets you pinpoint the voice actor who can effectively embody and convey the intended emotions. The tone and style set the emotional context, whether it's a cheerful, conversational tone for an ad or a compassionate, empathetic voice for a charity campaign.


  • Are there specific accents or languages needed? Language and accents are significant in voiceover work, especially if your project has a global or multicultural audience. Determine whether your script requires actors fluent in a particular language or with a specific accent. Some projects may require bilingual or multilingual actors to reach diverse audiences accurately.


  • What is your budget and timeline? Practical considerations are equally important. Knowing your budget constraints and timeline is vital for selecting a voice-over actor who fits your creative vision and aligns with your project's logistical realities. Most of the voiceover recordings are pretty straightforward and easy to price. At OutSpoken, we strive to be transparent with our prices and provide a smooth process for all the parties involved. You can look at our rates guide on our Pricing Page. If your project is more complex or doesn’t fall under any of the listed categories, contact our friendly team for a quote.


You create a blueprint that streamlines the selection process by addressing these questions and defining your project's needs upfront. It ensures that you're not only seeking a voice-over actor but a partner who understands and aligns with your project's goals, audience, and vision.


How to Find the Perfect Voice Actor for My Project?


Step 1: Browse OutSpoken Voices 


You can look through our roster of available talent. We offer you all the details you require about each voice, as well as voice samples so you can hear the tone and range of the performer. If you like a specific voice (or voices), you can directly hire them for a project from their profile or invite them to a private casting.


Click the Hire button, complete the form, and our system will generate a quote for your chosen recording type. Once you’re happy with the rate, pay via Stripe or PayPal, and you’ll be put in direct contact with your selected voice artist. You can discuss your project's details and even arrange a live-directed session with them. Alternatively, you can call one of our agents and book your chosen voice through them.


When the recording is available for download, we’ll send you a message to notify you.


Step 2: Post a Free Casting and Request Auditions


If you haven’t got the time to browse through our roster or are unsure what kind of voice you’re looking for, you can post a free casting and request auditions. This is a great way to hear how the actor’s voice will sound in your project. You can provide them with your script and ask them to record a sample, which will help you determine if they're the right fit for your project.


When posting a casting, providing as much detail as possible about your project is essential. Be clear about the tone and style you're looking for, the script's length, and the project's deadline.


Step 3: Contact One of Our Agents


If you need help finding the perfect voice over actor, you can contact our friendly team for assistance. Our agents have years of experience in the industry and can help you find the perfect voice for your project. They can also advise you on the tone and style of your voiceover, ensuring that it's engaging and effective.




At OutSpoken Voices, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with high-quality voiceover services. Our voice actors are experienced professionals with their own home studios who have worked on various projects, from commercials and explainer videos to audiobooks and documentaries. Our website provides a secure platform for you to work with our voice talent.


We handle all the administrative tasks, such as payments and contracts, so you can focus on creating an excellent voiceover for your project.


Contact us today to get started!




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