Why Should You Hire a Professional Voice Over Artist With a Home Studio?

Why Should You Hire a Professional Voice Over Artist With a Home Studio?

The smallest differences can swing the balance in a voice over artist’s favour when it comes down to the last few candidates before your selection. Their portfolio and industry references are essential, but here’s one other question you should always ask: do you have a home studio?


While a home studio might seem like a fleeting detail, it can significantly affect the end result. Your potential hire’s studio situation can be the difference between a project well-completed and a project not completed at all.

Here are just a few of the reasons why you should hire a voice over artist with a home studio.


They offer you more flexibility

Professional voice over artists with their own home studios are far more flexible with time. You’ll never be left in the lurch or have to worry about the studio’s availability. When you need them the most, they are often happy to record outside of regular working hours to deliver projects with tight deadlines. Even better, they can quickly record pickups if and when you need them.

Voice over artists with their own home studios are more efficient and creative
When you book a voice over artist who has to book a studio, they are always watching the clock. They might also be distracted by external factors, such as being late for a session due to public transport delays, clients not dialling in, or scripts not printed on time.

When you work with a voiceover artist with a home studio, you’re working with a creative professional who doesn’t have anyone stressing them out. They have more freedom to be themselves and work at their own pace. Because they’re alone in the booth, they can play around with the script to ensure they get the best result.

They can often get through more of the recording material because they are not constantly being interrupted by clients or producers. The result? A better recording, delivered on time and for a lower price.

They’re often far more affordable
Artists with professional home studios often incorporate their studio hire costs into their recording fee. They tend to charge a lot less for their studio time than commercial studios, saving you a lot of money. Even better, they often invest heavily in the right equipment and editing software. That means that they can even edit and master their audio tracks themselves, allowing you to save on hiring audio engineers.


Voice over artists with their own home studios save you time and energy
When you deal with a VA who has their own studio, it’s more like working with a ‘one-stop shop.’ You don’t have to ring around to different studios, checking their availability, and you don’t have to contact agents to check artists’ availability. It’s one call/email, and everything’s sorted.

Even better, when you employ a pro artist, you know the job will be done quickly and efficiently. You’ll immediately learn whether the artist is available for the job, and you are put directly in touch to discuss your project's details.

The choice is clear - go with the Voice over Artist who has a home studio

We’re proud to work with a wide array of experienced voice over artists who have their own home studios. All Outspoken Voices artists deliver clean, edited files (unless you require otherwise). If you need special mixing and mastering, our team can arrange it for you at a competitive rate.

Save yourself the time, energy, and stress – choose a voice over artist who records in their own home studio.

March 5th at 12:00am

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