Spanish Male Voice Over Artist Angel G

Voice details

Denia, Spain


30s, 40s, 50s, 60s

Spanish (Native)

neutral european


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Voice profile

I am Spanish voice talent and sound editor with experience. I have a professional studio available with the latest technology. You need a professional quality voice-over and I have the training, the experience and the means necessary to deliver it

Voice reels

Main Reel.mp3




Experience and equipment

Experience: 37 years

Microphone: WA87, AKG414, Langevin CR3A

Editing software: Adobe Audition CC, Sound Forge Pro MAC 3

Audio equipment: Interfaces: TC Electronic Impact Twins / Focusrite Scarlett, Monitors: Yamaha NS10M Computers: IMAC 27" / Macbook pro 2012, Channel strip: Voice Channel de ART