British English Female Voice Over Artist Melanie C

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Sheffield, United Kingdom


30s, 40s, 50s

British English (Native)

Approachable, Assured, Friendly, Reassuring, Versatile, Witty, Character, Engaging, Warm

Commercial, Audiobook, Corporate, Documentary, Explainer, Narration, IVR or Phone Messaging, Character, E-Learning

British English Northern (native), British English RP (Native), Yorkshire, Liverpool, Manchester, Scottish, Birmingham, South East, London, Cockney, West Country, Irish, Italian, German, French, Eastern European, South African


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Hire Melanie for beautifully naturalistic narration and dialogue, a very British sense of humour and a talent for accents. She is an award winning, trained and experienced voice actor with a high quality professional home studio working regularly as an audiobook narrator, audio drama & comedy actor, and voice artist for commercial radio, corporate, e-learning and other projects. Winner VOX ‘best use of humour’ 2022 Finalist One Voice (UK) 2023. Clients include Penguin Random House, Harper Collins, Dreamscape, Bloomsbury, W F Howes, the BBC, Audio Always, Cancer Research UK, MIND, Alzheimer’s Society, Bauer Media, Imagesound, The National Grid, Staropramen, University of Sheffield, University of Nottingham, the TUC and many others. Melanie has narrated more than 60 audio books, mainly fiction across genres including literary fiction, historical fiction, thrillers & mysteries, modern fairytales, romance and fantasy; she is in demand for commercial radio and corporate projects from repeat clients - particularly for more unusual scripts requiring an actor's approach or those that need a good touch with comedy. She narrates in a light northern (British) English regional accent or neutral British RP and she has a great ear for accents - often being booked to narrate or voice characters with regional accents from across the UK and international accents such as South African, Croatian and Russian among many others. Melanie is the proud owner of a well-constructed voice with a no-nonsense, down-to-earth kindness and compassion that works well for charity and community projects and anything with a good bit of humour in it. An instinctively natural narrator and a versatile character actor, Melanie's character dialogue is excellent, instantly bringing scenes to life for the listener, whether they be intensely emotional and dramatic, comedic, quiet or action-packed. Melanie's custom designed and built studio is beautifully quiet with a mic that really suits her voice. Her voice is simple but effective and she hardwires to broadband via ethernet so can hook up to most systems with a local back up recording sent immediately after the session. Source Connect, Zoom, Skype, ipDTL etc all accommodated. Melanie has worked professionally as an actor and voice actor for 8 years after a 20 year career working behind the scenes in the film and music industries. She studied drama to degree level and then worked at director, manager and decision making level for the majority of her previous career.

Voice reels

Melanie Sizzle Reel.mp3


Melanie Raw Studio Read.mp3


Melanie Audiobook_British Mixed.mp3


Melanie Commercial reel.mp3


Melanie Corporate Reel.mp3


Melanie Radio Drama Reel.mp3


Melanie Audiobook_British Northern Engli....mp3


MelanieAudiobook Narration_Non-Fiction 2....mp3


Melanie IVR_onhold.mp3


Experience and equipment

Experience: 8 years

Microphone: Rode Nt2a

Editing software: Audacity

Audio equipment: Custom designed and built standalone vocal booth, Mac Mini, Focusrite Scarlet Interface