Latin American Spanish Male Voice Over Artist Alex M

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Mexico City, Mexico


20s, 30s, 40s, 50s

Latin American Spanish (Native) , American English , Mexican Spanish

Assured, Bright, Character, Confident, Cool, Corporate, Deep, Engaging, Friendly, Gravitas, Natural, Posh, Reassuring, Smooth, Wacky, Warm, Witty, Versatile, Young

Spanish with an American AccentEnglish with Latin American AccentNorthern MexicanSouthern MexicanSnobbish MexicanGhetto Mexican


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Voice profile

With a Native Spanish from Mexico and with 10 years of speaking the American English, Alex delivers a high quality and professional voice for a wide range of projects. Graduated from Berklee College of Music in Music Production & Engineering, with working experience in New York and Mexico city. Performance and professionalism is guaranteed. He has worked for J. Walter Thompson, Colgate, Amgen, Chilis, Universal Publishing, Hilton and Grupo Acir Radio to name a few.

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Experience and equipment

Experience: 9 years

Microphone: Audiotechnia, Blue and Shure 55

Editing software: ProTools

Audio equipment: MacPro, EuroRack Mx 602, Digi002