Voice-Over Trends in the Social Media Landscape: What to Expect in 2023

Voice-Over Trends in the Social Media Landscape: What to Expect in 2023

Voice-Over Trends in the Social Media Landscape: What to Expect in 2023


Voice-overs in social media videos have been picking up momentum. In fact, they have become one of the most popular methods to engage with an audience. 

When done right, voice-overs can be incredibly good at grabbing attention. So how do you ensure your high-quality video has the best possible audio commentary?

In this article, we will show the latest social media voice-over trends for 2023 - and why they can be vital for keeping a competitive edge in today’s dynamic landscape.

Trend 1: Personalised Voice Branding


If there’s one thing we know about social media today, it’s this: People barrel through their feeds very quickly. So, for a creator to truly stand out, they will need to deliver content that can hold people’s attention. High-quality videos are the first step. The second is personalised voice branding in social media.

The goal of any social media channel is to establish a strong connection with its audience. Voice artists play a vital role in creating a unique voice that resonates because, by using a recognisable and distinct voice, it becomes easier to promote a brand across various platforms. 

Tips for voice-over artists: Whatever the project, make sure you collaborate with creators and brands to identify the ideal vocal tone, style, and character - and don’t forget to add your own personality into the messaging so you can foster a deeper emotional connection with those listening!

Tips for marketers: Before diving into any collaborations with voice-over artists, make sure you have a deep understanding of your target audience, including preferences, interests, and pain points. Define the personality traits that represent your brand and use them to guide the selection of the ideal voice talent.

Trend 2: Short-form Social Media Content


In the last few years, aided by the meteoric rise of platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels, short-form content has become king. People want “instant gratification” bite-sized videos that last 15 to 60 seconds and offer a perfect blend of entertainment, creativity, and convenience. And the platforms want them, too, as the algorithms tend to make them more discoverable and shareable.

Short-form content voice-overs can also play a crucial role in enhancing the impact of these videos. A voice provides not just a chance to narrate compelling stories but also reinforce the brand’s identity and evoke specific feelings or reactions. For example, through storytelling, dubbing and lip-syncing, explainer tutorials, and behind-the-scenes highlights. 

Tips for voice-over artists: If you’re a voice-over actor, don't be scared to be creative and add humour and entertainment value to social media clips, especially if you know they can help you establish a stronger brand presence in a highly competitive world.

Tips for marketers: Short-form content is all about brevity. The voice should complement the video, not overshadow it. The voice-over should always attempt to enhance the overall message and mood of the video. For example, humour can work wonders, but it might not be suitable for all types of content. 

Trend 3: Voice Assistants and Voice Search Optimisation


Voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant have become incredibly popular lately. And, as natural language processing and machine learning progress, they are also becoming more responsive and accurate. 

Unlike traditional text-based searches, voice searches tend to be more conversational and question-oriented. They also often use natural language, so they need content to be structured in a way that addresses specific questions and provides concise answers.

Tips for voice-over artists: As voice assistants continue to grow, voice artists must adapt their skills to cater to the specific requirements of voice assistant applications. For example, by aiming for a natural and conversational tone, being versatile in adapting the voice to different genres of content or maintaining consistency in tone and delivery. 

Tips for marketers: When optimising content for voice search, marketers should also focus on the long-tail and conversational keywords that people use when speaking rather than typing (or the natural language and phrases users employ while interacting with voice assistants). It's also a good idea to make sure sites work well for mobile, as many people use smartphones for voice searches. 

Trend 4: Multilingual Voice-Over Services


Another key trend for 2023 is multilingual voice-over services in social media. Platforms transcend, after all, all geographical boundaries. So, if you are expected to reach diverse audiences around the world, you need to recognise the importance of providing content in different languages. 

The best news is that catering to a multilingual audience can not only increases a brand's reach but also foster a sense of inclusivity and cultural sensitivity. And, because content creators can connect with users on a more personal level, they also help reach higher engagement and improve brand loyalty across various regions and language communities.

Tips for voice-over artists: So, how can you expand your reach as a voice artist looking to offer multilingual services and voice-overs for social media engagement? Well, the first step would be to learn additional languages, but you can also leverage existing language skills to cater to a broader clientele. Start by gaining insights into diverse cultures and showcase a portfolio with samples that demonstrate versatility. It's also a good idea to focus on specific languages or regional dialects so you position yourself as an expert in specific markets.

Tips for marketers: Before diving into multilingual voice-over services, identify the specific markets you want to target. Always avoid simply translating your existing content word-for-word and instead adapt the script to suit the cultural context, preferences, and sensitivities of the target market.

Trend 5: Authenticity and Emotional Connection


In the fast-paced game of social media, forming emotional bonds is key to becoming a successful content creator. Remember that users are exposed to an overwhelming amount of content daily, so genuine and relatable material can stand out and resonate with audiences on a deeper level.

Users value transparency and honesty, and authenticity also fosters trust and credibility. When the content reflects the genuine values and personality of a brand or an individual, it has the potential to forge a strong emotional bond with the audience. This emotional connection can, in turn, lead to increased engagement, loyalty, and advocacy.

Tips for voice-over artists: To establish a genuine emotional connection in social media content, consider first delivering it in a conversational and relatable way. In other words, always add a human touch to the content and remind watchers they are actually engaging with a human being. Don’t forget to also induce emotions into your delivery, like excitement, empathy, humour, or sincerity. 

Tips for marketers: Select a voice-over artist who can convey genuine emotions and connect with the audience on a personal level. In other words, make sure you craft narratives that resonate with the audience's experiences and emotions and make the voice-over content relatable and authentic.



We have covered the impact of voice-overs on social media engagement and reviewed some of the best voice-over trends for 2023. Now, it’s up to you to adapt them so you can remain relevant and competitive. 

If you want to leverage these trends and find authentic voiceovers in social media, don’t hesitate to contact us. OutSpoken is the perfect place to find a professional voice-over artist that can deliver studio-quality content for digital marketing, e-learning, corporate training, and of course, social media.




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