Award-Winning Artists You Should Hire in 2024

Award-Winning Artists You Should Hire in 2024


At OutSpoken Voices, we pride ourselves on representing some of the most talented Voice over actors in the industry. Our artists have been recognised for their exceptional skills and versatility, winning numerous awards at the prestigious One Voice Awards this year.

The One Voice Awards stands out as the only truly independent voice over award in the industry. It offers a fair platform where anyone can submit their work and have a genuine chance at winning. This awards ceremony celebrates voice over talent at all levels, from seasoned industry legends to promising new talent.

Here’s a look at some of our award-winning talents you should consider for your next project.

Ian Brannan

Ian brings a wealth of experience from his radio broadcasting background to his full-time voice over career. His northern British voice, with a native Yorkshire accent, has become the voice of major brands like E.On, Lavazza, and

Ian’s ability to deliver high-quality audio quickly from his home studio makes him a reliable choice for corporate and explainer videos.

This year Ian has been awarded for Corporate/Explainer - Best Overall Performance


  • Outstanding Voice of God Performance

Leonie Schliesing

Leonie Schliesing is a multi award-winning, multilingual voice actor and singer with a contemporary, youthful sound. Bilingual in English and German and fluent in French, Leonie uses her formal acting training to create compelling and engaging performances.

Her experience spans commercials, corporate videos, e-learning, dubbing, gaming, animation and more. Leonie’s client roster includes Mercedes-Benz, Coca Cola, Sony PlayStation and Allianz, showcasing her international appeal and versatility.

This year she’s won two awards:

  • Demo Reels - Best Performance – Female

  • Female Voice Artist of the Year

Luci Fish

Luci is celebrated for her fresh, current British voice, often booked for her natural 'girl-next-door' sound. Originating from Manchester, Lucie’s light Northern lilt adds a unique charm to her performances.

She’s versatile in RP, London, and US accents, making her a favourite for a wide range of projects including commercials, promos, TV continuity, web explainers, and more. Luci’s notable clients include Coca-Cola, H&M, Spotify, and Audible. Her clients praise her professionalism, adaptability, and the exceptional quality of her voice work.

This year Luci has won two awards:

  • Animation - Best Character Performance - Female
  • E-Learning - Best Performance

Katherine Moran

Katherine is an award-winning London-Irish voiceover artist, praised for her fun, natural and youthful reads. Her versatile accent portfolio offers a range of British, Irish and Scottish sounds, making her the go-to voiceover for both local and international collaborations.

Alongside over a decade's career as an actor, Katherine's authentic and charismatic delivery has seen her bring scripts to life for clients including Vrbo, HSBC, Yves Saint Laurent and the European Commission, as well as award-nominated video games and audiobooks.

This year Katherine has been awarded Best Radio – Commercials Best Performance – Female.

Paul Delaross

Trained with industry legends like Gary Tezzra, Everett Oliver, and Dave Fennoy, Paul Delaross brings a rich background in animation voice over. His training with top voice directors has honed his skills, making him a standout performer in the animation sector.

This year Paul won an award for Best Performance in Animation.

Suzie Rai

Suzie Rai is a multi-award-winning voice actor known for her natural, conversational, young adult sound. From cool, modern and real, to friendly, playful or comedic, Suzie’s acting talent brings commercials, narrations, animations, audio dramas and video games to life.

She’s the official voice of the baby Teletubbies, her work has featured at the prestigious Venice film festival, and her clients commend her creativity, professionalism and sunny spirit.

This year Suzie won the award for Best Factual Audiobook Performance for a story for young children

Phil Rowe

Phil’s rich and versatile South Wales voice makes him the perfect choice when emotion and gravitas are the order of the day, but he also regularly makes use of his lavish RP for those luxury style reads as well as general Scottish, Irish and West Country accents, and is regularly called on to provide multiple characters for video games and audio guides.

Phil is currently the bilingual voice on TV and Radio for Welsh Beef & Lamb (earning a nomination for ‘Best Performance in Radio Commercial’ at One Voice), while his winning performance caused quite a stir among many in the voiceover industry.

This year Phil has been awarded for: Web/TV Commercials – Best Performance – Male

Estelle Hubert

Estelle Hubert is more than just a French European voice talent; she embodies the vocal signature that captivates audiences. With a home studio equipped with the latest technology, Estelle ensures high-quality recordings that bring your vision to life.

Her ability to infuse words with emotion and passion makes her a top choice for projects requiring a strong relational bond with the audience.

This year Estelle won an award for Best International Performance

Verity Uma

Verity is our youngest super star. She is a multiple award-winning teen voice actor with over 10 years of experience. Known for her real and emotional reads, Verity’s versatility extends from commercials and gaming to animation and narration.

Her professional home studio setup ensures broadcast-quality recordings, making her a reliable choice for various projects.

This year Verity was awarded for Best Children Voice Over Performance for Under 16s

Stephen Spencer

Stephen is a trained actor and voice artist from London. He brings almost a decade
of voice over experience across commercials, video games, animation, corporates, narration and more.

With clients like Google, Ubisoft, and Barclays, Stephen’s highly versatile voice and professional approach make him an extremely valuable asset for any project.

This year Stephen won an award for Best Demo Reel Performance for his animation reel, which he wrote, performed and co-directed. You can listen to it here

Melanie Crawley

Melanie’s naturalistic narration and British sense of humour make her a standout voice actor. With experience in audiobook narration, audio drama and commercial radio, Melanie’s voice is perfect for projects requiring an actor’s touch and a compassionate yet down-to-earth approach. Her professional home studio ensures high-quality recordings for a range of projects.

This year Melanie won an award for In-store Announcements, Best Overall Performance

Listen to her winning submission produced by Autumn Carpenter for Imagesound

Bethan Dixon Bate

This is not Bethan’s 1st award, in fact it’s her 7th! Her versatility shines through the different categories that she has won; TV commercials, TV documentary, Corporate, and Animation having also been shortlisted for Video Games, Audiobooks and Voice Over of the Year (twice).

Bethan’s voice has a unique, smokey richness that adds sophistication and brings engagement to every project with storytelling and characterisation being her particular strength and passion.

This year Bethan has been awarded for Best TV and Web Commercial Performance

Katie Flamman

Katie, an award-winning British voice actor with a calm, clear and confident voice perfect for inspiring trust.

With a background in TV news and an MA in English from Cambridge University, Katie’s sophisticated storytelling makes her a top choice for corporate and medical narration, commercials TV documentaries and more.

This year Katie won an award for Best Performance in TV Documentary

Land of Water trailer:

Land of Survivors trailer:


At OutSpoken Voices, we represent the crème de la crème of the voice acting industry. Our award-winning artists are ready to bring their exceptional talents to your next project. Contact us today to hire these outstanding voice actors for your upcoming ventures. 


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